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Chrome Coat Hooks

Chrome coat hooks come in a variety of styles and three basic finishes.

The finish of a polished or bright chrome coat hook is mirror-like. You can see reflections in it.
brushed chrome coat hook is chrome without the mirror-like finish.
satin chrome coat hook's finish is even more of a matte finish than brushed. It still has highlights, but is not quite as shiny as a brushed chrome.

Sometimes folks mistake aluminum or stainless steel coat hooks for chrome. The finishes may appear very similar, but chrome is a plating, not a raw material. The plating process adds to the price because it's an extra step in the manufacturing process. A shiny aluminum or stainless coat hook is polished, not plated. If you can't find what you're looking for here, you may want to look at all the coat hooks and see if the aluminum or stainless ones are closer to what you're seeking.

One final note: Don't let the finish in a photo throw you off. If a coat hook is in this section, it can have a chrome finish.