Coat Hooks

Our commercial coat hooks are contemporary designs for business and industrial use, durable enough to still look great even after decades of daily use. Many of these coat and jacket hooks are available in different finishes than shown in the photo. If a hook has a metal name in the title, it refers to the raw material from which it was made, such as aluminum, brass, or steel, not the finish.

All the coat hooks are tested for a minimum load of 40 pounds and are suitable for door or wall mounting using appropriate anchors. These hooks won't bend under normal use. If you're looking for extra sturdy coat hooks, search for Heavy Duty, which are hooks tested up to a 70 pound load: suitable for backpacks, fire gear, or any other heavy duty requirement you might hang on a coat hook.

If you prefer your coat hooks all lined up in a row on a wood or metal back panel, please see our Coat Hook Racks and Rails.

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